La Salamandre

Jean-Marc, Hypnosis

You surprised me with your approach and your listening skills. I had an incredible experience with this half-conscious hypnosis session on a visceral fear that had been knotting my stomach for years… Thank you for the emotion that was able to come out and finally release some of the inner tension… I highly recommend it!

Nadine, Hypnosis

I highly recommend Florence Bergé for her hypnotherapy skills. She works on the blocking points that prevent you from moving forward. It is a real moment of relaxation, very gentle and her voice is comforting. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even hear my phone ring. Thank you, Florence, for these moments of pleasure!

Christel, Individual therapy with hypnosis

Hypnosis sessions with Florence allow you to revisit different key periods of the past in order to become aware of certain limiting beliefs and to remove unconscious blockages. By reliving very strong emotions, it allows us to shed new light or even a new interpretation on painful moments from the past. I left these 4 Read more about Christel, Individual therapy with hypnosis[…]