3 mars 2019

Marital counselling

What is family or marital counselling, actually ?

Life, family and marital counselling aims to give psychological support to a person, a couple (or two persons in another kind of relationship) or a family who is having relationship, emotional or sexual difficulties.

Anybody who is facing a situation of crisis or who is going through a difficult moment in their life can consult either individually, or as a couple or a group. During counselling, each person will have the opportunity to express him- or herself freely, safely and confidentially.

As a second step, if wished, deeper psychotherapy can begin. This would enable to widen vision and way of thinking. This can also help make sense out of what the person is going through, break repeating patterns and manage their life and relationships more autonomously and more positively.

Why come together, as a couple ?

To listen to oneself and each other, identify personal problems from those arising from the relationship, become aware of each other’s expectations. Progressively, break out of the negative cycle in which the couple may be involved, resume the dialogue, look at yourself and your partner with other eyes.

May I come alone ?

Yes, of course ! It is possible to work on yourself, on your couple or your relationships in one-to-one counselling as well.

Couple/ Marital counselling

      • Starting a new relationship on a sound basis
      • Relationship or communication problems
      • Tension, marital or family conflict, violence
      • Loss of sexual desire, other sexual disorder
      • Parenthood, pregnancy, education
      • Separation, divorce
      • Blended family
      • Desire for children, infertility, homosexuality
      • Infidelity, free love
      • Midlife crisis
      • Ageing, illness, disability
      • Family hardship
      • Fear of commitment, attachment disorder

Bilingual couples are welcome.

70€/75 min. Face-to-face or by videoconference. By appointment only : 0497/362193

When could we have an appointment?

With a view to mutual respect, please cancel your appointment in advance (24h minimum) if you cannot come. Otherwise it will be due.

(Photo: Scott Webb)